Frequently Asked Questions by Customers

Q: How can I contact customer support?

A: You can contact our customer support team by email at moosejawmarketplace@gmail.com. We are available to help you Monday to Friday during regular business hours (excluding stat holidays).


Q: How does it work if I order from multiple stores?

A: When you make a purchase with items from multiple stores, each store will be notified of the order. They will then contact you with directions on how and when to pick up your order (or if your order qualifies for delivery, they will deliver the order for you).


Q: What is the refund policy for the Moose Jaw Marketplace?

A: Each vendor has their own policy for refunds and returns. Please contact the vendor to learn more about their refund policy. More information may be available on each store’s profile, in the “Shop by Store” section of the Moose Jaw Marketplace.


Q: How do I contact a vendor?

A: You can contact each vendor on their store profile in the “Shop by Store” section of the Moose Jaw Marketplace.


Q: When will my order be ready for pickup?

A: Unless the vendor has specified that the product you are purchasing needs a certain amount of time to be prepared, you can pick up your product at the store's physical location anytime after placing your order (per the store's hours of operation).


Q: Does the Moose Jaw Marketplace offer shipping or delivery?

A: At this time the Moose Jaw Marketplace does not offer shipping, but some vendors do offer delivery through the Moose Jaw Marketplace. To explore the vendors that offer delivery, go to the “Shop by Store” section of the Moose Jaw Marketplace, and under Filters click “Store pickup + Delivery”. Then you will be able to browse the vendors that offer delivery on the platform! When adding a product to your cart from one of these vendors, click the box stating that you “Want Product As Delivery”.



Frequently Asked Questions by Vendors

Q: How do I log in to my  vendor account?

A: Click “Become a Vendor” in the list at footer of the website, which will re-direct you to the seller log-in portal. You can also CLICK HERE.


Q: I’ve signed up as a vendor. Why can’t I access the settings in my account or add products?

A: Thank you for signing up to become a vendor with us! If you’re unable to access the settings or other aspects of your profile, your account has not yet been approved by our team. Accounts are reviewed and approved Monday to Friday during regular business hours. Your store profile information (ex. Address, store location, name, professional business logo, etc.) should be added before your profile is approved. If you have any questions, please contact us by email at moosejawmarketplace@gmail.com. 


Q: My business is located outside of Moose Jaw, can I join the Moose Jaw Marketplace?

A: We've recently expanded to allow businesses located in Caronport, Mortlach, Assiniboia, Gravelbourg, Mossbank, Central Butte, Chamberlain, Craik, Tuxford, Belle Plaine, Drinkwater, Chaplin, Eyebrow, Rouleau, Avonlea, Marquis, Buttress, Caron, and Baildon to join the Moose Jaw Marketplace for FREE!

Please note that since this expansion is designed to offer businesses in surrounding communities the opportunity to expand their customer base to Moose Jaw, out-of-town businesses selling products are required to offer either free delivery or shipping to Moose Jaw customers (if delivery, within 5-7 business days). Businesses selling services are not required to offer delivery/shipping on their services.

Q: What are your vendor support hours?

A: Our vendor support team is available by email at moosejawmarketplace@gmail.com during regular business hours, Monday to Friday (excluding stat holidays).